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You’ve decided to sell your home!

Getting top dollar for your property doesn’t just happen by chance. The main decision areas that will need to be explored, prior to the sale of your home are:

1. Real Estate Agent
     Should I use a Real Estate Agent to sell my home?
     What can a Real Estate Agent do for me that I can’t do on my own?
     Is it worth it, to me, to use a Real Estate Agent?

2. Determination of Selling Price
     What the selling price of my home should be?
     How can my Real Estate Agent help me determine the selling price?

3. Cost of selling a home
     If I use a Real Estate Agent, how much will cost me and when do I pay?

The benefits of using a Real Estate Agent:

Selling a home takes more than an ad in the paper and a “FOR SALE” sign on the front yard.  A key element in the sale of your home is the MARKETING of your home.  Marketing your home takes more than simply listing the home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  Marketing is identifying who the potential buyers are; what features and peculiarities of your home will attract a buyer or buyers.  Having identified them, how will the buyer be reached?

A Real Estate Agent is a professional that deals with potential buyers on a continuous basis, every day.  He or she will expose your home to qualified buyers.  The Agent will answer all inquiries about your home and make all the appointments with the minimum disturbance to your personal schedule.  The Agent will present to you all written offers from interested parties, advising you in all concerns: price, deposits, buyer conditions, seller conditions, condition dates, possession, goods included or excluded, terms, inspections, counter-offers...

Determining the price of your home.

It takes experience and training to correctly price a home to sell. This requires a carefully prepared Market Analysis showing:

Taking these three elements into consideration and using the existing real estate data, trends and market condition will facilitate this objective.

Cost of selling a home

The cost of selling a home, weather you use a Real Estate Agent or not, is an important consideration.

Other costs in the transaction payable by the vendor are:

NOW, MY goal as your Real Estate Agent is to SELL YOUR HOME with the least amount of inconvenience to you.

If your goal is to sell your home for the best possible price, in the least amount of time, with the maximum amount of exposure, without a lot of stress, consider letting me and 'WANTaCASA' do it for you.

Make our team YOUR TEAM!!!

Ruben Contreras
Real Estate Agent
Cellular: (403)818-6704
E-mail: ruben.c@wantacasa.com

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