It’s our main purpose to bring to the general public the ultimate in Real Estate Services. Beginning from the Website presentation onward. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. My name is Ruben Contreras and I am originally from Chile.

I landed here in Canada on July 1st 1973 with my Canadian wife Barb. After a couple months of holidays visiting the western provinces we decided to settle here in Calgary and never looked back. In Chile I’m a graduate from the ‘Instituto Superior de Comercio de Concepcion’ as an Accountant. Due to the language barriers, proper to an immigrant, I decided to try the Construction Industry. Formed my own company: Ruben H. Contreras Construction Ltd. and for twenty years we did framing and cribbing in the residential housing area, right here in Calgary and the surrounding areas. From my experience in Chile and the 20 years that I spent building, the love for Real Estate was always in my mind. On October 1998, I realized my dream and became a Canadian Real Estate Agent. A member in good standing of the Canadian Real Estate Association, Alberta Real Estate Association and the Calgary Real Estate Board Cooperative Limited.
I’ve never forgotten my roots. Spanish is my language of birth, therefore the ‘CASA’ term, meaning ‘home’. The ‘WANTa’ in the English version is the statement of the reason to be here. BUYING or SELLING a home can be accomplished with US.
Who is ‘US’?
My most precious possession, MY FAMILY and so very proud of it.
Let me take a couple of minutes out of your schedule and introduce you to them:
Ruben, Brandy, Momita, Ruben, Patricio
I’ve been married for 30 years now, with two children. The family increased in number on September 11th 1999 when our older son, Ruben married his sweetheart Brandy.
Brandy is a student in the faculty of Management at University of Calgary and a graduate from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).
Ruben is a graduate from University of Calgary, Faculty of Engineering. My Webmaster.
Patricio is a full time student at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Social Sciences in the Department of Sociology and also in the Faculty of Management, as he is pursuing a dual degree. Presently my Assistant.
It is said that: "Behind every successful man there is always a successful woman."
I say: “Behind a successful family there is always...MOM”
My dear wife Barb, a library assistant at the Calgary Public Library.

Make our team YOUR TEAM!!!

Ruben Contreras
Real Estate Agent
Cellular: (403)818-6704

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